I've been super busy this month. I've finished the first three episodes of a new punchy urban fantasy - Broken Witch.I've also started work on a new space opera - Finder's Gate. Combine that with the space opera I released earlier this month - A Time of Kings - and I've had one of the most productive months I've had in a while.

Speaking of which, I'd better keep this blog post short, as I've got to finish Star Destiny Episode Four!

As for future titles, I'm still keen to start a mythology/fantasy/adventure kind of in the vein of the Modern Goddess series (but with less philosophy thrown in). I also - at some point! - have to get around to finishing Ancient blood, a series I started over 10 months ago.

And heck, at some point I really need to get back to serializing Diamond and Chase Book Four. I haven't forgotten about it, I promise.

I hope everyone is well, and that's all from me :)

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