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Space Ends Just Released

I've just released the 23rd Galactic Coalition Academy Series. I can't actually believe I'm up to the 23rd series, frankly. I never thought it would get this long! For those of you who've never read it, it's a massive, sprawling sci-fi universe. Every series is relatively stand-alone, though they do contain recurring characters and over-arching plots.

As if that wasn't enough sci-fi, the Supreme Outer Guardians is the spin-off series that follows the guardians of the multiverse.

Space Ends is pretty similar to most other GCA series. There's a charming pirate and a wildly powerful woman on the run. You can check the first book out for free at most of the retailers I sell at or right here on this website.

There will be more GCA next year. I've just finished the next series, Minus, and I'll put it up for pre-order sometime soon.

Enjoy reading!

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