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First Strike - Just Released

I've just released the next Galactic Coalition Academy Series - First Strike. It's the 22nd Series (yep, GCA is getting long!). For those of you who don't know, GCA is an ongoing meta-series I add to regularly. It follows cadets and officers of an Earth space academy as they battle to save the galaxy and beyond. Each series is pure space opera. If you want to know more, check out my series page for the GCA.

First Strike is a touch longer than I usually write. I started writing it then wanted to explore the story from multiple different points of view. There are four main characters, and there are six books in the series. The boxset is available on my website, but it's a bit more expensive than usual to reflect the length.

It primarily follows a Barbarian psychic assassin and the Coalition cybernetic sent to track her down as they're thrown into a plot to destroy the Milky Way. If you liked Galaxies Lost, it has a similar vibe.

First Strike is out at all my usual vendors, but currently you can only get the boxset here on It's cheaper than buying each individual series book separately.

After First Strike, expect the next GCA series to arrive in October. Called Space Ends, it follows a charming pirate and a runaway experiment as they fight to save the Coalition from a twisted scientist's clutches. Space Ends: The Complete Series is currently on pre-order at most of the vendors I sell at.


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