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Wild Magic - Just Released

I've just released Wild Magic. It's a lot longer than my usual series. Each book comes in at roughly 100,000 words. I'm also planning anywhere between 6-10 books. So it'll be long!

It's a slight genre shift - the later books have more romance than I usually write.

As for tone, it's a little like His Own Angel - a new witch struggling to learn about magic while solving murders.

I've released the first three books, with the fourth available for pre-order. It'll be released on March 15, 2024, with each subsequent title coming out 6 weeks after that.

It's been fun planning something much longer and working out multiple plot lines. I've also tried to write a bit more visually than usual. So all in all, a slightly different series than my usual offerings. But if you liked any of my other mystery fantasies - like Ashes to Ashes or Forgotten Destiny - you'll love Wild Magic.

You can get the first book free directly from me here or you can pick it up from your favorite retailer.

You can also buy the other books in the series directly from me here: Wild Magic.

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