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Mercury Nova

I've just released the third Supreme Outer Guardians Series. The SOG series is the sister series of GCA. It's set in a sprawling multiverse and follows specially trained guardians sent on missions to keep the peace - no matter what it takes. The first two series are Star's Guardian and Saturn's Rings. If you like my GCA series, jump in today.

Mercury Nova follows a plucky but down-on-her-luck Guardian on the edge of being fired. When the stations are attacked and she's the only Guardian left, she's left standing alone. But she can't stand for long. Not when the mysterious god, Mercury, starts to unravel. And that isn't hyperbole. The story - and power - that make him up begin to disappear. It thrusts them together into a fight for the multiverse - and each other.

You can buy Mercury Nova from all the usual retailers I sell at. But the complete series is only available on and is cheaper than buying each ebook separately.

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