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Ancient Bonds Just Released

I've just released the 6th Your True Vampire Series, Ancient Bonds. If you don't know my Your True Vampire Series, each series is a fun romp involving a witch finding out she's the destined mate of a powerful vampire. Each series is designed to be read on their own, so you can jump in with Ancient Bonds today.

"Camille’s a secretary. She books appointments, fields calls, and deals with him. The boss from hell – or at least the city’s number one vampire clan
Thorne Ashcroft is the country’s largest developer by day. By night, he controls the vamp council. But since his father’s murder, his control’s slipped. As his supporters are murdered, he holds onto the one thing he can still protect.
When Camille discovers her cold-hearted boss has a secret, she’ll stop at nothing to find out what it is. But this secret is steeped in lies, blood, and tradition. At its heart is her, the one thing Thorne can never loose.
Be swept up in a tale of magic, murder, and ancient traditions that won’t die, no matter how hard you try to kill them."
As always, you can get Ancient Bonds Book One free from most retailers I stock at, or you can get it from on my free page. If you haven't checked it out before, it lists all my free series starters with links to download them from BookFunnel.
You can also buy Ancient Bonds: The Complete Series form The complete series is only available on my website at this time and is cheaper than buying all of the books separately.
Happy reading!


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