Reading Order

I have a number of long-running series. If you'd like to keep track of their order, each one is listed below.

The Galactic Coalition Academy Series

The Galactic Coalition Academy is a massive ongoing meta-series set in the same universe. It follows the graduates and recruits of the Coalition Academy. It is pure space opera. Each read is light, action-packed, and sure to please.

  1. Ouroboros
  2. Broken
  3. Axira
  4. The Lost Star
  5. Fractured Mind
  6. Ava
  7. Vira
  8. War Begins
  9. The Admiral
  10. The Eye of the Gods
  11. The Hand of the Gods
  12. The Night of the Gods
  13. The War of the Gods
  14. Forgotten Stars
  15. Captain's Call
  16. Star's Control
  17. Galaxies Lost
  18. Entangled
  19. Nightswept
  20. Today's Tomorrow
  21. Endless Chaos

Supreme Outer Guardian Series

The spin-off series of GCA, it follows guardians sword to protect the multiverse.

  1. Star's Guardian
  2. Saturn's Rings
  3. Mercury Nova (due second half of 2023)

Your True Vampire

In this world, a vampire knows his true love at first sight. And yeah, that's just as problematic as it sounds.

  1. Ashes to Ashes
  2. Codename W
  3. Rockstar Witch
  4. Antique Instincts
  5. Ancient Bonds (due in the first half of 2023).

My Better Devil

An ongoing series that follows the seven sons of Satan. Each son can be bound by one of seven rings to serve the woman who contracts them. Fun, fast, and full of action, humor, and dashes of romance, they'll appeal to fans of light urban fantasy.

  1. Better the Devil You Know
  2. Pandora's Demon
  3. Hell at Her Hands
  4. Fate on Fire

Trapped by Your Side

In this world, witches can be indentured by strong wizards - if the wizards are stupid enough to try. These are short series set in a fantasy/ gas-lamp fusion world. Witty, fun, and fast, they'll appeal to fans of light historical fantasy and cozy mysteries.

  1. A King's Witch
  2. The Queen's Host
  3. Ghostly Games
  4. Flying Fancies (due in the first quarter of 2023)