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New Website!

I've taken the plunge and decided to sell my work direct. Why? A bunch of reasons.

Because of price caps, I'm limited in the kind of bundles I can create on certain retailers. Amazon will only give a decent royalty if you price your work under 9.99 USD. Which means I can't bundle together a lot of books and sell them there.

But I can on my own website!

With coupon codes and store-only mega-bundles, you, as the reader, will get better value if you shop directly with me.

Why else would you bother buying from me?

It's getting tough as a creator to sell work for a fair royalty. There are a lot of unnecessary middlemen. Shopping directly from an author helps them and helps to keep the ecosystem fair. Other authors are starting to sell direct more and more. If you value supporting independent creators, it's great to check out if an author sells direct first.

But no pressure if buying direct isn't your thing. I'm not removing my work from the retailers I already sell at. And I'll always try to add more in the future so I can reach you, the reader, wherever you want to read.

Thanks for checking out this site, and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. But above all, enjoy reading!


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