The Queen's Host - just released

I've just released my latest series - The Queen's Host. It's in the vein of A King's Witch from last year.

It's a historical fantasy, which I have to say, I like to write. As always, the series is complete, and you can pick up the first episode for free here.

"Lillian might be a witch, but power brings trouble, and trouble brings wizards.

When she is forced to work for the greatest wizard in the land, Lillian just wants to escape. She can try, but the truth will follow, for Anders Atticus has a terrible secret. He must track down a new host for the Queen – a young woman to be controlled, bled, and used. Little does he know, it’s the exact witch he just indentured on a whim. But as they grow close and he learns her secret, he must decide what’s more important – love, loyalty, or life."

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