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Time's Malady Just Released

I've just released the next Trapped by Your Side Series. 

If you've never read a Trapped by Your Side story, they're basically steampunk mysteries. Think magic, machines, and dead bodies. This series specifically follows wizards who indivisibly indenture powerful witches. The books are fun, short, and full of action and witty retorts. The first series is A King's Witch, but while the series exist in the same world, you can easily read them out of order.

Time's Malady follows a rare clock witch and a mysterious wizard with a shadowy past and a chip on his shoulder. They're thrust into the middle of a pirate attack and are forced to rely on each other or die.

If you've liked any of the other entries in the meta-series, check it out. And if you've never tried a TBYS series, it's a great place to start.

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