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Repeat Just Released

I've just released my latest Supreme Outer Guardian Series - Repeat.

Repeat is a rollicking tale that follows a woman destined to kill a soldier. She's dreamed of him her whole life. Then she finally meets him, joins the Guardians, and plots his assassination. But when they're thrown together in a twisted plot of survival, her feelings change - fate, however, does not. If you liked Mercury Nova, you'll love Repeat.

Now's a good time to grab it, too, because it's cheaper. Over the last week, I've changed all my prices, bringing them down a dollar or two - or in some jurisdictions, a couple of dollars. Why? Times are tough. I'm also pivoting my catalog. This is such an important piece of news that I'll cover it in a separate blog post in case folks miss it. I've removed all episodes from my catalog - except for on Google Play. Now my shorter series only lead to box sets. Repeat is the first new published title to follow this method. I've only published Repeat Episode One and Repeat: The Complete Series. It's simpler for me - and cheaper for you.

If you're curious about why I removed episodes, go check out my other blog post. It'll also explain why I'm putting some - but certainly not all - of my books into Kindle Unlimited.

Repeat Episode One is available for free form the following retailers: me | Amazon Kindle | Apple iBooks | Kobo | Smashwords | Google Play

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