Trouble and Treasure

A lying man, a fantastic treasure, and an adventure that's just getting started.

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Trouble and Treasure
This series has six books. All six books are currently available separately or as Trouble and Treasure: The Complete Series. They are Trouble and Treasure (Book One), The Cross of Constantine (Book Two), The Captain's Chest (Book Three), The Ship Breaker (Book Four), The Finder's Curse (Book Five), and World's End (Book Six).

Amanda’s an ordinary girl, but when she wakes one night to find everything from common criminals to highly-trained mercenaries traipsing around her house looking for the 'goods', her life takes a turn towards the adventurous and the far-too-dangerous.

Sebastian is a lawyer who just happens to have an unusual hobby: he's an esteemed and accomplished treasure hunter. But when he meets Amanda, that all changes. On the run for their lives with every criminal unit he has ever heard of on their tails, Sebastian must somehow keep Amanda safe while finding the Stargazer Globes, the greatest treasure map in the world. The only problem is Amanda screams too much. But then again, Sebastian has a problem too: he lies.


The Trouble and Treasure series follows a wisecracking lawyer and the woman he shouldn’t fall for fighting for treasure. If you love your action adventures with wit, action, and a splash of romance, grab Trouble and Treasure today and soar free with an Odette C. Bell series.

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This series is complete.
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Action Adventure
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Thrown Together
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Books in this Series

Trouble and Treasure
The Cross of Constantine
The Captain's Chest
The Ship Breaker
The Finder's Curse
World's End
Trouble and Treasure: The Complete Series