The Odette C. Bell Fantasy Bundle

Four full quirky fantasies in one volume.

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The Odette C. Bell Fantasy Bundle
Gladys the Guard, Agent of Light, Superheroes Don't Wear Heels, and The Witch and the Commander.

Are you ready for four adventure-packed fantasies from Odette C. Bell?

Consisting of the complete Gladys the Guard, Agent of Light, Superheroes Don’t Wear Heels, and The Witch and the Commander, this bundle is over 300,000 words of action, adventure, and romance, so dive in today and soar free with Odette C. Bell adventures.

Gladys the Guard

Gladys is a mild-mannered girl, living in a mild-mannered town. Working in a local haberdashery store, she stacks pastel-colored yarns and sticks labels on jam jars. She’s single, carless, and lives with her mad grandma. The only interesting thing about her is also the saddest: Gladys is unusually good at arcade games.

But when strange, yowling, terribly violent things happen in town, Gladys soon finds out she might be the only haberdashery store attendant who can stop them, and that, luckily for everyone else, her skills with plastic guns extend to the real variety.

Agent of Light

Agent Mira works for a shadowy agency called (imaginatively) the Agency. She forms part of the line of defense between good and bad - between Heaven itself and the fiery depths of Hell. When she’s plunged into fights beyond her skills, they push her straight into the arms of the Agency’s finest officer, Michael. From the sudden appearance of a childlike angel, to the unwanted attention of the police, Mira won’t catch a break. Good – Hell doesn’t want her to. It has a plan, and Mira will fulfil it or be bled dry of every drop of her light and life.

Superheroes Don’t Wear Heels

Annie hates superheroes, a fact she will freely and loudly admit to anyone who will listen. They are a drain on public resources and give people the mistaken belief that anyone can look good in stretch tights.

If only the city spent less on keeping buffoons in capes and more on effective disaster planning, the world would be a better place. Superheroes aren't the solution; they're the problem.

Annie’s so sure superheroes aren't worth the colored plastic they've been molded from, that it takes a plot of the rather epic supervillain kind to prove her wrong.

It's a hard lesson to learn, and one that involves far more kabooms, pows, capes, and dashing tights-wearing men than your average reality check. But at the end of the day, a lesson’s a lesson, even if it carries a shrink ray.

The Witch and the Commander

Abby is a witch; she has a broom and a cat named Charlie. But around these parts witches aren’t popular. So when she finds herself at the mercy of an ancient spell with no one to rely on but a distant man, she must count on more than her magic to survive.

Pembrake can’t stand her at first. But her endearing charm and innocence soon grow on him. Dangerous, because it will drive him to protect her, and that may prove impossible.

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