Star Soldier

Her world is dying, and only she can help.

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Star Soldier
A four-part mini series.

Her world is dying, and only she can help.

Ami is a soldier, nothing more than cannon fodder in a war that’s threatening to tear her world apart. When creatures from a cross-dimensional rift spill over her planet, society as she knows it shatters.

All must fight to live. But when a creature with near limitless power chooses her to save her world, Ami is swept into a fight for everything and everyone.


Star Soldier follows a gutsy soldier and her ex fighting to save their world from an alien invasion. If you love your space operas with action, force, and a splash of romance, grab Star Soldier Episode One today and soar free with an Odette C. Bell series.

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This series is complete.
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Space Opera
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Fighting Destiny
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