Saturn's Rings

When your destiny is in the stars but your feet are on the ground, your normal life won't last.

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Saturn's Rings
This series consists of four books of around 40,000 words each.

Lisa’s spent her life looking at the stars. An astrophysicist, she’s always felt pulled toward space.

It’s about to become more than a feeling. When a Supreme Outer Guardian comes crashing through her roof and crushes her telescope, she can’t get away. Not when he claims only she can help him save the universe.

J’nar Mackay is a new Guardian. He only got his stripes yesterday. An issue, because he’s about to be thrown into the greatest fight of his life. A mission gone awry sees him finding an ancient force in the ring of a seemingly normal woman.

But he’ll quickly learn that nothing is as it seems when it comes to Lisa Snow. All her life, her hand has been guided toward one purpose – opening up the stars to get to what’s beyond.

In a tale that spans universes and blasts past the stars and back again, Lisa and J’nar must learn to wield the greatest of all powers. And no. It isn’t love – yet.

Release Date :
March 2023
Release Date :
This series is complete
Character :
Genre :
Space Opera
Theme :
Fighting Destiny
Tone :
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