Modern Goddess

Not all gods are equal, and not all myths are real.

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Modern Goddess
There are three seperate intallments in this series: Trapped by Thor Books One and Two, Trapped by Atlas, and Trapped by Apollo

Yes, she's a goddess. And, oh yes, he is most certainly a god. You can tell from the fact he marches around in glimmering armor, picking fights with titans and picking up divine broads. But she didn't sign up for this. Sea monsters, kidnappings, evil plots, and the end of the world? Are you kidding? She spends most nights reading the weather report and icing cupcakes.

It’s all his fault.

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Release Date :
This series is complete for now.
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Mythical Fantasy
Theme :
Fighting Destiny
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Books in this Series

Trapped by Thor Book One
Trapped by Thor Book Two
Trapped by Atlas
Trapped by Apollo
Modern Goddess: The Complete Series