Midas Touch

Would you marry someone just to stay alive? Emma has to.

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Midas Touch
4 books of 50,000 words each.

Would you marry someone just to stay alive? Emma has to. When she finds out she’s a rare witch with uncontrollable powers, she must wed the most powerful vampire in town – Balthazar Heinz.

But this won’t be easy. He’s already given his heart to another – Rosie. She just so happens to be his mortal enemy, and he has no clue. When Emma becomes Mrs. Heinz, she will inherit the responsibility to protect him no matter what. Regardless of whether he pushes her away. Regardless of whether he calls her crazy. And regardless of what the city thinks.

Will she be able to claim her powers, her city, and a vampire she must grow to love, though his heart is as cold as ice? Or will Rosie win and break this great family apart once and for all?


Midas Touch is the 4th Your True Vampire series. In a world where vampires know their true love at first sight, love brings trouble. Packed with action, wit, humor, and a dash of romance, you can read them separately, so plunge in today.

Release Date :
November 2021
Release Date :
This series is complete.
Character :
Genre :
Urban Fantasy
Theme :
Thrown Together
Tone :
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