Magic First

You can resist. You can win. But can you do it again tomorrow?

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Magic First
There are four books in this series of roughly 75,000 words each.

You can resist. You can win. But can you do it again tomorrow?

Sarah’s a witch on the run, hunted by a deranged magical council out for her blood. All she’s ever dreamed of is revenge.

One day soon, she’ll get it. When she finds her nemesis’s son has no magic, she slips in beside him and pretends to be his secretary – all to kill him and deliver her first blow. But plans rarely work out.

Soon Sarah is dragged into the crippling magical world of the council. And soon she’ll get her revenge. Or rather, someone will seek their vengeance through her.

For her boss is not who he seems and only in his arms can she find redemption.


Magic First follows a gritty witch and the man who keeps wiping her memory as they fight to save their twisted city. If you love your urban fantasy with fast-paced action, tenacious heroes, and a splash of romance, grab Magic First Book One today and soar free with an Odette C. Bell series.

Release Date :
March 2021
Release Date :
This series is complete.
Character :
Genre :
Urban Fantasy
Theme :
On The Run
Tone :
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