Lucky Star

What would you do if you woke up hundreds of years in the future to a galaxy on the brink of a war only you can stop?

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Lucky Star
This series has two episodes: Lucky Star Episode One and Lucky Star Episode Two. They were previously combined under a single volume as Lucky Star. It is still a single volume on Amazon.

Ariel doesn’t belong in this time. She comes from a world of call centers, cats, and lonely nights in front of the TV.

Then the world ends. Hundreds of years later, she wakes up to a handsome soldier and a future that doesn’t want her. That’s fine by Ariel; she doesn’t want the future either.

But when her hidden powers are discovered, she’ll be taught to fight. And it’ll thrust her into the middle of a malevolent plot to use her new-found abilities to end a 100-year galactic war.

Soon, it’s up to Ariel to save the future she never wanted, and it’s up to her hot space marine to show her the future can be worth it as long as you have someone to spend it with.

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Release Date :
This series is complete.
Character :
Chosen One
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Space Opera
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Who am I
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Lucky Star Episode One
Lucky Star Episode Two