Justice First

All seek justice. But justice is a fool’s game.

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Justice First
6 books of approximately 70,000 - 75,000 words each.

All seek justice. But justice is a fool’s game.

When Melanie finds out she’s magical, she runs. Her powers won’t let her sit still. As they rise, they seek justice. And the city she lives in – Erebus – is home to the worst criminals out there. As her mind unravels, she’s forced to mete out holy punishment.

Nothing can stop her save for one man.

But Tyr isn’t human; he’s the immortal sent to stop her. A practitioner unmatched in all the realms, he seeks one thing – justice. To all those who break the law, he brings punishment. Until he meets Melanie. As he searches for her through the crime-infested streets of this hell-hole, they’re drawn together.

What starts as a game of cat-and-mouse changes as old, hidden feelings arise. They might wish to punish one another, but destiny has another plan.

Release Date :
January 2021
Release Date :
This series is complete.
Character :
Genre :
Urban Fantasy
Theme :
On The Run
Tone :
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