His Only Hope

Eternal flames, twisted gods, and a woman trapped with only one man to turn to - her enemy.

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His Only Hope
This series consists of four books of approximately 80,000 words each.

Sometimes destiny can't wait. The past will always rise once more.

Celeste’s an ordinary woman with ordinary problems. But that can't last. An ancient power is rising within her. There's a fire inside her unlike any other. When she finds out she's a goddess, her life will never be the same. But when she finds out that every other god wants her dead, normal will be a thing of the past.

The most powerful businessman in the city turns out to be the most powerful man in the heavens, too – Thor, King of Asgard. Celeste fled there hundreds of years ago, never to return. For Thor vowed to kill her, no matter what. But things are not as they seem. As gods and monsters line up to destroy her, she’s soon forced into the very arms of the man she must flee.


His Only Hope follows a hidden goddess and the man she must save fighting to stop Ragnarok. If you love your contemporary fantasies with action, heart, and a splash of romance, grab His Only Hope Book One today and soar free with an Odette C. Bell series.

Release Date :
July 2020
Release Date :
This series is complete.
Character :
Genre :
Mythical Fantasy
Theme :
Who am I
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