Gladys the Guard

Gladys is a mild-mannered girl, living in a mild-mannered town. She also fights ancient Egyptian monsters. No, really - she does.

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Gladys the Guard
This series has two episodes: Gladys the Guard Episode One and Gladys the Guard Episode Two. It was previously published as a single volume under the title Gladys the Guard. You can also purchase it as part of the Odette C. Bell Fantasy Bundle.

Gladys is a mild-mannered girl, living in a mild-mannered town.

Working in a local haberdashery store, she stacks pastel-colored yarns and sticks labels on jam jars. She’s single, carless, and lives with her mad grandma. The only interesting thing about her is also the saddest: Gladys is unusually good at arcade games.

But when strange, yowling, terribly violent things happen in town, Gladys soon finds out she might be the only haberdashery store attendant who can stop them, and that, luckily for everyone else, her skills with plastic guns extend to the real variety.


Gladys the Guard follows a gaming geek and a hunky soldier fighting to save a sleepy town from mysterious creatures. If you love your contemporary fantasies with punchy action, plenty of wit, and a splash of romance, grab Gladys the Guard Episode One today and soar free with an Odette C. Bell series.

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This series is complete.
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Chosen One
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Urban Fantasy
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Who am I
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Gladys the Guard Episode One
Gladys the Guard Episode Two