Galaxies Lost

Redemption isn’t easy. Nothing is.

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Galaxies Lost
This series consists of four episodes of approximately 40,000 words each.

Redemption isn’t easy. Nothing is.

Jodi is the greatest traitor the Coalition has ever seen – or at least that’s the theory. Rotting for two years in a correctional facility, she’s dreamed of saving the galaxy. But she’s forgotten dreams can break you to come true.

When Commander Harlow takes her out of prison to go on a desperate mission, he has no clue she’s the only person who can save everything. But she can’t do it alone. Beyond – out there – are things. Warriors. Hunters. For millennia they have protected the galaxies. But now the status quo breaks, throwing a mysterious Shadow Hunter right into Jodi’s path, and eventually, her heart.

Release Date :
April 2022
Release Date :
This series is complete.
Character :
Genre :
Space Academy
Theme :
Hidden Saviour
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