Change of Plans

She’s a runaway princess – he’s a runaway prince.

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Change of Plans
This series consists of four episodes of roughly 40000 words each.

She’s a runaway princess – he’s a runaway prince.

When Jupiter – the most important and hunted royal of the Orion Empire accepts a deal to kidnap a wayward princess, he shouldn’t accept. He does, and it drives him right into the arms of a galactic war. If he doesn’t keep his wits about him, it’ll thrust him into her arms, too. A problem, as Emilia Astrid is infected with a power to change everything.

Change of Plans is an action-packed space opera that throws two witty, wise-cracking royals halfway across the universe and back again. It’s sure to please fans of Odette C. Bell’s Rising Princess and A Plain Jane. This four-episode series is complete, so pick up the first installment today.

Release Date :
October 2020
Release Date :
This series is complete.
Character :
Genre :
Space Opera
Theme :
On The Run
Tone :
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