Genre :
Space Opera
Release Date :
July 1 2015 - December 25 2015

Betrothed Episode One is free on most e-book retailers who stock my work. You can read the first chapter on this website by clicking the button below.

A five-part mini-series consisting of Betrothed Episode One, Betrothed Episode Two, Betrothed Episode Three, Betrothed Episode Four, and Betrothed Episode Five. You can also purchase all books together in Betrothed: The Complete Series.

This series is complete.

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Annie Carter is new to the future. Born 400 years in the past, she was cryogenically frozen after a serious illness, only to wake up to a new world. One that has a plan for her.

Annie is not normal. She has an ability – one that could condemn the very universe. People will kill to get to her. There is one man who can keep her safe. But to get to him, she must battle her way through assassins, armies, and friends. The stakes could not be higher, for they are everything.