She is different. Powerful. A soldier of centuries.

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A four-part mini-series consisting of Axira Episode One, Axira Episode Two, Axira Episode Three, and Axira Episode Four. You can also purchase all books together in Axira: The Complete Series.
She is different. Powerful. A soldier of centuries.

For 450 years she was enslaved to one of the masters of the Kore sects. She was forced to fight in endless battles. War, destruction, desolation – all wrought by her.

But then she escapes. Seeking revenge on her master, she turns to the only group powerful enough to help her – the Coalition. She joins the Academy. It should be easy. It isn’t. She rapidly finds out that despite her raw power, she needs more to become an effective recruit. But now is not the time for failure. There is a spy on Academy grounds – a spy who is tearing the Coalition’s intelligence to shreds. She finds herself drawn into the hunt. A hunt she will not lose. For she is Axira, the most powerful spacer in the Milky Way.

Release Date :
April 2015
Release Date :
This series is complete.
Character :
Genre :
Space Academy
Theme :
On The Run
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Axira Episode Two
Axira Episode Three
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