Genre :
Space Opera
Release Date :
May 2017 - December 2017

Ava Episode One is free on most e-book retailers who stock my work. You can read the first chapter on this website by clicking the button below.

A four-part mini-series consisting of Ave Episode One, Ava Episode Two, and Ava Episode Three, and Ava Episode Four. You can also purchase all books together in Ava: The Complete Series.

This series is complete.

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The Force are coming, and this time, there may be little the Coalition can do to stop them.

Leana’x is a member of the Artaxan Royal Family. She's hardly a princess, though. She's 100th in line for the throne. It would take the complete destruction of the Artaxan Family for her to ever see the Royal Palace, let alone take up the vaunted role of Prime Queen. Leana’x wouldn't want the role, anyway. The Prime must bodily process the constant, immense information stream of her people. Ensign Leana’x is happy tinkering in the engineering bay and taking orders.

When the Artaxan Protectorate is attacked, Leana’x is thrown together with a man who hates her in a fight for survival that will span the galaxy and change everything.