Ashes to Ashes

In this world, vampires know with just one look who they'll marry.

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Ashes to Ashes
#1 in the Your True Vampire series. It consists of four books of roughly 50,000 words each.

Millie Crown’s a witch detective. Her normal life gets turned upside down when she’s thrust into the dark, magical side of the city.

What’s worse is she’s thrust right into the arms of a particular vampire. Sebastian is one of the richest and most powerful of the ancestral vamps in Angeles City. His kind never take an interest in normal mortals, but his interest isn’t normal, and neither, it turns out, is Millie.

When she starts to develop strange powers and a demon comes after her, she’ll be forced to make a decision she never thought she would. She will have to accept Sebastian’s hand in more ways than one.


Ashes to Ashes is the 1st Your True Vampire series. In a world where vampires know their true love at first sight, love brings trouble. Packed with action, wit, humor, and a dash of romance, you can read them separately, so plunge in today.

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Release Date :
November 2020
Release Date :
This series is complete.
Character :
Genre :
Urban Fantasy
Theme :
Fighting Destiny
Tone :
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