Agent of Light

Genre :
Urban Fantasy
Release Date :
Republished July 2015

The first installment in this series, Agent of Light Episode One, is available for free from most ebook retailers who stock my work. You can read the first chapter on this website by clicking the button below.

There are two episodes in this series: Agent of Light Episode One and Agent of Light Episode Two. You can also buy this series as part of the Odette C. Bell Fantasy Bundle.

This series is complete.

Agent of Light
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She's an agent tasked with holding back Hell. She's just not very good at her job.

Agent Mira works for a shadowy agency. She forms part of the line of defense between good and bad - between Heaven itself and the fiery depths of Hell. However, the section of the defensive line she inhabits is minuscule and insignificant. That is until everything changes. A series of strange coincidences see Mira pitted against creatures far beyond her skill.When her misadventures push her into the arms of the Agency's finest officer, everything gets better. Sorry, no - it gets worse. See, Hell itself has a plan for Mira, and it won't stop until she fulfills it.