The War of the Gods Book Three Chapter 13

Admiral Forest

This was a revelation. One she didn’t know the significance of.

“Tell me that again. This Regent… he was one of the Queen’s hosts? I assumed… she remained in her hosts until they died?”

“Yes. But she shouldn’t have overtaken the Regent’s mind. Even if he had promised her the means to achieve her final goal.”

Lara frowned. “You mean the destruction of the King?”


“What exactly did he promise her?”

“Enough psychic force to be able to rip through the King. For the Queen was always too weak.”

“How did they meet?”


“You don’t have access to every memory?”

“My connection to the Queen’s mind is tenuous, weak.”

“Connection… you mean you are still connected in some way?”


“Is this connection live? Can you figure out where she is and what’s happening?”

“I’m only aware of the fact she’s in great mental distress.”

“Is there anything you can do?” Lara asked quickly. She should’ve been more interested in what was being revealed. But she had to remember that this entire mission was still on a knife’s edge. She could do what she wanted down here on Faxon A, but everything ultimately rested on Joseph and Sally’s shoulders.

“There is nothing I can do but pray she holds on,” Alice replied.

“And what if she can’t?”

“At some point, her enemies will realize that we are connected.”

“You… you have a Hendari crystal inside you, don’t you? Where? And why did this Regent not take it?”

“It is synthesized into my mind. It cannot be removed from this point, and neither can I.”

Ever since learning about the Hendari crystals, Lara had heard some pretty strange things. One crystal had been synthesized into her nephew’s blood. Another had been in one of her greatest commander’s temporal pockets. Now she was learning one could be in somebody’s mind? It didn’t make sense. But nothing did when you were dealing with this much power. The Coalition liked to think it was technologically advanced. One of the first things you learned when you were really advanced was there were always questions out there you couldn’t begin to answer. Questions you couldn’t even phrase correctly because you didn’t have the basic understanding to recognize what was going on. The crystals would always be that for her. So she didn’t question whether one could be synthesized into someone’s mind. She just pushed closer to Alice’s still form. “You must tell me everything you know.”

“There will be a time for that, Admiral.” A sense of gravitas rattled through the young Alice’s tone, or at least the synthesized voice coming in over Lara’s scanner.

“What are you talking about?”

“The Observers are coming.”