The War of the Gods Book One Chapter 9

Sally Winters

So there was the god, then. Standing right there, right in the middle of everybody, in the worst job possible.

Anna the counselor was a Scarax goddess.

She wasn’t even particularly well hidden. She was teaching the students the exact method to fall to strong psychics.

Sally would deal with it. Eventually. She couldn’t sweep in right now. Though it would’ve been tempting to look right into Anna’s eyes and turn her own psychic power against her until the goddess within fell and her mind shut down for good, she couldn’t reveal herself yet. Not with an Observer out there. She needed to find him and shut him down first.

Act too soon… and Sally might not be able to act at all.

Here she was, stalking through the corridors, with all of the Coalition’s crystals in her room. Here she was, the Queen of old, a mind like no other. She still wasn’t powerful enough to click her fingers and stop everything.

At least the advice she’d given the students was correct. Perhaps when they were attacked by Scarax psychics – which looked increasingly likely if the goddess was specifically teaching them how to fall to one – they would remember Sally’s advice in their worst moment, and they’d enact it.

Or maybe they’d never get to that stage.

If the Academy was stupid enough to let a Scarax goddess lead one of the psychic defense classes, then likely there’d been other more serious breaches. It would only be a matter of time before the Scarax Galaxy called on every single one of their assets, and the war was on again.

The gods would’ve learned their lesson from last time. Rather than take the Academy on in a show of brute strength, they would hold back, weaken it from afar, and sweep in when the time was right.

Sally ditched the teaching building. She saw a few of her other lecturers. They all knew she should be in class. Rather than snap at her to get there, they were likely looking up the fact she’d been kicked out on their wrist devices.

Sally could not afford to leave the Academy. She needed to remain close to it. It would be here that the most interesting things occurred. She also needed to ensure… this place didn’t fall.

Except she did not need to ensure that. She chose to.

The Queen had seen many civilizations fall to the Observers over the years. She’d helped where she could. But the simple fact was she couldn’t do everything. She had to keep her eye on the end goal.

Only she could ultimately defeat the King. Unless he was destroyed once and for all, this universe would fall to him eventually.

As that cold realization sank down her spine, she reached the grounds outside. She walked into a gust of wind. It chased her hair over her face.

Tilting her head up, she watched as clouds marched in from the horizon.

There were teachers walking around. Nobody stared at the sky. Nobody realized how particularly dark it had become.

They simply went about their tasks, presumably in the hope that if they acted normally, then the world would become normal.


Sally strode through the oak-lined paths between the buildings, toward where she’d felt Observer energy. She had to decide what she would do when she found out who they were. Would she snap them, destroying the part that ported their psyches here from Hendari space? Do that, and it would be a visible fight. It would also place her on Academy grounds.

But if she allowed an Observer to remain so close to the Academy, every day, they would do more damage.

Sally didn’t know what to do, but for now, she had to stay exactly where she was.

She shouldn’t have disrupted that psychic class. She should’ve kept her head down. But in the heat of the moment, she’d snapped.

She was starting to lose control. For the Academy was losing control without even realizing it.

And again… again Sally would have to see the destruction of a once strong civilization as it fell to the Observers.

She would not watch from the sidelines again, no matter how much she wanted to keep herself back this time.