The War of the Gods Book Four Chapter 32

Sally Winters

The fight was… it occurred. And it kept going.

She didn’t hold herself back. She unleashed every single ounce of psychic force she had, and though she had told herself it would be enough, it wasn’t. She had spent the last several hours promising herself she wouldn’t have to sacrifice her life in order to defeat the King. But now she questioned everything.

Memories flashed in front of her mind, dark visions, too. She could feel the needs of her broken people reaching out.

They demanded satisfaction. They wanted dreams they couldn’t just hold on to, but those they could control.

They had given this universe so much in the years of their exploration and protection, but now they required reparations.

She held on every single time they attacked, but while she could withstand, she could go no deeper, couldn’t fight any harder, and simply wasn’t able to gain any ground.

As they fought, they naturally flew up and down through levels of phase space, and the cavern around her became less then more real.

Joseph fought off phase monsters selflessly. As for the Coalition assets, the Scarax Galaxy finally found a way to port in. It was all-out war. Lara might have found a way to destroy their rulers, but that didn’t mean she was destined to win.

The Scarax gods could smell blood in the water. Blood… in the water.

Sally had reconnected to herself. She now had all of Alice’s power. They were one, a bridge that couldn’t be disrupted.

But it was still not enough.

She had access to the Coalition’s crystal synthesized in Alice’s mind. Sally could feel it. But she couldn’t pull it into the real world yet, and she wondered if it was because the Coalition still existed.

Though perhaps it wouldn’t last that much longer. The King gave a roar. This horrifying, strong cry that blasted through the levels of phase space. Several monsters had strayed too close. That scream was enough to completely disassemble them as if the sound was a set of robotic arms that could pull anything apart no matter how strongly it was bonded together.

The King surged forward once more.

Sally clutched at the Coalition’s crystal. She let its power course through her. She believed in it, and she didn’t get in the way of her own mind. But it still didn’t work. The King rose higher.

There comes a time when hope doesn’t matter. There comes a time when your greatest belief in your own strength becomes meaningless. For there comes a time when you face reality and you can no longer push it back with your dreams.

That time was now for Sally. She might’ve come far. She might’ve sacrificed more than anyone else.

But in the end, it wouldn’t really matter.