Upcoming Releases

New Urban Fantasy Series - God Given

I'm halfway through the first book of a new urban fantasy. It will either be four or five books long. It tracks a young woman who finds out she's one of the rarest creatures from mythology. In a world full of gods and powerful evil spirits, she must run or be used in an war that has been prophesied since the beginning of time.

“Every God will hunt you. They will not stop. There will be nowhere safe on the face of this planet. From now until the day you die, you will have to run.”
Those were the words that started everything. Casey was once normal – now she’s the most important piece in a game for the world.

After God Given is published, I'll start work on the next Galactic Coalition Academy series (maybe). I've already written part of the first chapter. This series will return to the original format of four books of around 40,000 words each. It will follow the two characters who were introduced at the end of The Hand of the Gods - Max and the Night.