Upcoming Releases

New Urban Fantasy Series - The Prince of Roses

I've just finished the first book of a new urban fantasy in the vein of Angel: Private Eye. It will be around four or five books of 50,000 words each. It will follow Valerie as she finds out she's a powerful fay. She's taken under the wing of Ridvarn, the most important vampire in the city. He's meant to train her, but when she's thrust into increasingly dangerous situations, she realizes there's something wrong. And it's him.

The Prince of Roses will be published early December.

After The Prince of Roses is published, I'll start work on the next Galactic Coalition Academy series (maybe). I've already written part of the first chapter. This series will return to the original format of four books of around 40,000 words each. It will follow the two characters who were introduced at the end of The Hand of the Gods - Max and the Night.