War Begins just released

In mid-February, as promised, I released the 8th installment in the Galactic Coalition Academy series. It's called War Begins, and as per the name, it chronicles the start of the Force War. The Force have been a recurring enemy since the 2nd series - Broken. The Force War arc will be told over two series - War Begins and The Admiral. The Admiral is scheduled for release mid-April and will follow the young Admiral Forest as she mops up the Force and saves the galaxy.

For anyone who's never checked out my Galactic Coalition Academy meta-series, it's a universe with 8 separate stand-alone series that can be read out of order. It follows graduates and recruits of the Academy as they explore the galaxy and deal with emerging threats. If you want to read the series in order, here it is:

Ouroboros (Series 1)

Broken (Series 2)

Axira (Series 3)

The Lost Star (Series 4)

Fractured Mind (Series 5)

Ava (Series 6)

Vira (Series 7)

War Begins (Series 8)

I've managed (so far!) to stick to my new release schedule for this year - and War Begins is complete. There are four books of around 50,000 words each. The first book is available for free on all ebook retailers who stock my work. You can also read it here on my website.

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The greatest enemy the galaxy has ever known is here. The war will begin….

Diana had a troubled past. The kind where her family were brutally murdered right in front of her eyes. It’s changed the course of her future – but it will change more. An ancient race left a gift inside her mind, and it is time for it to rise.

Sampson is a psychic soldier – one of the Coalition’s best. When he’s sent to the Academy to spy on students, he has no clue he’ll be drawn toward Diana and into the final fight for the Milky Way.

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