Star's Guardian Out Now

I've just released Star's Guardian. It's the first installment in the ongoing Supreme Outer Guardian Series. It's a spin-off of my massive Galactic Coalition Academy series (GCA). It's going to be a sprawling meta-series based on a group of guardians who are responsible for protecting the multiverse from danger. It's similar in tone to my GCA series. So if you like them, check it out today.

"Grace and Alex arrive in a universe far from home. With no help, with no clue where they are, and with only each other, they’re plunged into a dark mystery. It will rip apart more than they can fix.

This universe has waited for someone just like Grace, and now she’s here, it won’t let her go. Alex, despite his powers, won’t be able to stop it. They’re soon split apart, and every truth he built his career on is ripped right out from under his feet.

Can they fight the forces gathering to destroy them, or will they be torn apart for good?"

Star's Guardian Book One is available from the following retailers: Amazon Kindle | Apple iBooks | Google Play | Kobo | Smashwords | Others

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