Oblivion Gate

I've just released Oblivion Gate Episodes One and Two in the Xandia Series. It's actually a project I started about a year ago then abandoned to my hard drive. I'd been wanting to resurrect it all year. So when I sat down to write an urban fantasy but found myself wandering back to it, I wasn't that surprised.

Oblivion Gate is kind of in a genre of its own. It's technically sci-fi adventure, I guess, but with strong fantasy cross-overs. It's a Trapped-In-Another-World story that follows two protagonists who are sucked into another realm - Xandia.

Ever since I started writing over ten years ago (it's been a long time!), I've always wanted to write Trapped-In-Another-World stories (eg TRON, Narnia, Labyrinth). I grew up with them as a kid. I've enjoyed writing Oblivion Gate so much, I think I'll write some more! But for now, Episodes One and Two are out, with Episode Three available for pre-order to be released on the 24th of October. Currently Episode Three is only up for pre-order on iTunes, but by mid next week, it should be up on all vendors.

" There is a gate to another world. The government has known about it for years. Beyond, lies a land like no other. Xandia, the treasure of the gods.

Sergeant Mark Sheppard is a member of the Earth Taskforce sent to explore Xandia. A soldier at heart, most of the time he has to play diplomat to the beautiful Lady Tallet. But Xandia has its secrets.

So does Grace Brown. She’s just an ordinary human, but her whole life she’s been obsessed by Xandia. Her dreams of its lush plains and mountainous lands eat her up from the inside out.

Those dreams are about to turn into a living nightmare as an accident on Earth pulls her through to the Otherside. Sergeant Mark Sheppard will have do everything he can to take her home. But it won’t be enough. For when Xandia beckons, all fall."

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