Hell at Her Hands Just Released

I've just released the latest My Better Devil series. It's the sister series to Pandora's Demon, and follows the Fifth Son of Satan on his trial. If you haven't checked out the MBD metaseries before, it's worth it if you like quick-paced urban fantasy romps. The series order is: 1. Better the Devil You Know, 2. Pandora's Demon, 3. Hell at Her Hands, 4. Fate on Fire (which is available on pre-order to hit on September 1).

The full series of Hell at her Hands is currently available, and you can pick Book One up at your favorite eBook store.

"Bella is not your ordinary, everyday girl. She’s just found out magic is real. Worse, her two-bit, good-for-nothing uncle has sold her to a demon to salvage his car dealership.

Zane, the Fifth Son of Satan, won’t admit he’s got a problem. Because he’s not sure what it is yet. An oracle, he can see parts of the future but not everything. The glimpses tell him to watch out for an eternal witch who will threaten the heart of magic.

But Zane’s gotta watch out for his own heart, frankly. Bella is coming for it. When he buys her, she steals his magical ring, sticks it on his finger, and makes him hers. He’s now contracted to protect her, no matter what. Even if she turns out to be the eternal witch here to destroy all."

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