Ghostly Games Just Released

I've just released Ghostly Games - a four-episode mini-series. It's the third installment in the Trapped by Your Side meta-series (the first is A King's Witch and the second is The Queen's Host). A world where witches can be indentured by strong wizards - if the wizards are stupid enough to try. Witty, fun, and fast, they'll appeal to fans of light historical fantasy and cozy mysteries.

"Winchester Stone is a wizard with power, privilege, and a problem. His half-brother is about to reveal Winchester’s greatest secret – he can speak to the dead. A forbidden skill, if the Magical Academy found out, he’d disappear into their dungeons forever.

When he runs into a bumbling witch who discovers his dark powers, he only has one option – Winchester must indenture her so she can never reveal the truth. But she’ll never be able to leave his side either. A problem, because Lisbeth McQuarrie has her own secret. She can also speak to the dead and – critically – carry out their wishes.

Will they find out each other’s secrets, or will the Academy hunt them down and pick them off one by one? They’ll have to do it quickly – for darker forces align against Lisbeth. And an ancient prophecy soon rises. With the power to blot out the sun and raise the dead, Lisbeth will have her work cut out for her – and her heart, if she isn’t lucky."

Ghostly Games Episode One is available for free most retailers: General | Amazon Kindle | Apple iBooks | Google Play | Kobo | Smashwords

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