Finder's Gate and Rising Princess

I've released two new sci-fis in the past month - Rising Princess and Finder's Gate. Finder's Gate has two episodes out, with the third and fourth instalments coming out soonish. They're due to be released in November, but I might release them early to wrap up the story.

Rising Princess was released this week. I've put out the first four episodes at once, with the fifth (which may be the final, depending on how the story behaves) to be released in January.

I've been messing with the general idea for Rising Princess for awhile, so it was nice to finally get it down.

Both Finder's Gate and Rising Princess are rollicking space adventures. If you liked A Time of Kings, you'll love these two new series.

Finder's Gate

He hunts treasure, and she’s his greatest find.

When a finder runs into a runaway princess with a secret that could unravel the very fabric of reality, he must learn the difference between finding and giving.

A sprawling multiverse, an ancient past, and a finder who can't learn to let go – pick up Finder’s Gate today.

Rising Princess

Andalusia is no ordinary pirate – she’s a runaway princess.

She ran to save her people from her betrothed. He intends to use her to start a galactic war - unless she can stay out of his clutches. When she runs into one of her old guards, she's pulled back into the life she disavowed.

She can no longer afford to run. It is time to rise up and do what she should have done from the start - go to war.

A Princess Lost is the first installment of the Rising Princess series. An action-packed galactic adventure, pick it up today.

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