Change to Release Schedule

A lot of the retailers I publish through have restrictions around publishing in December, because the sites get busy with the holidays. At this time of year, I find myself having to set up pre-orders to make up for it. Unfortunately, I can't set up pre-orders on free books, which makes things tricky.

So this year I'm going to try something different. Pandora's Demon Book Three is on pre-order to be released on 15 December. My next series - Today's Tomorrow - will be released between now and Dec 5, with the third episode to be released via pre-order in late December.

If this system works out, I might keep it. I've been thinking lately of how to balance my two main genres - sci-fi and urban fantasy. Ideally I'd like to release at least one book of each genre monthly. This is one way to do that. It also allows me more slack in my schedule. Releasing a whole series each month can be tiring sometimes! Anyhow, if I decide to stick with it past December, I'll let people know.

Happy reading and happy holidays!

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