Yin and Yang Series

Released: December 13 2014 - Ongoing

Series information: Yin and Yang is a four-part series. Currently the first two books are available. They are Yin and Yang: A Fool's Beginning (Book One) and Yin and Yang: A Fool's Errand (Book Two).

Genre: Epic Fantasy

Free: The first episode is available free from most ebook retailers.

Upcoming releases in this series: The next episode in this series should be released in the fourth quarter of 2015.
She must save the world. He must help her ....

Yin is the Saviour of the ages. A young woman chosen to protect the world on its final day. A fighter, a sorcerer, a loner. She lives in the mountains, away from the prying eyes of the Kingdom and under the watchful protection of her guardian, Castor.

No one knows she’s the Saviour, and she must keep it that way.

Then the army comes. With them is the handsome but cold Captain Yang. He takes Yin and Castor back to the capital, where she’s drafted into the army. If she can’t hold onto her secret and keep herself safe, she’ll die, and the world will die with her.

Captain Yang has never met a woman like her. Impetuous, powerful, and determined, she’s too much to handle. But the army need her. Especially with war on the horizon. She has a secret though, one he’s determined to reveal. Yet time is against him, and he must fight to find out the truth before it’s too late.
Yin and Yang is a four-part fantasy adventure, subtly blended with sci-fi and romance.