Slow slow slow

Meh, I've had some RSI and shoulder issues for the past week (which are hopefully starting to resolve). The result has been a big slow down in productivity. I finally, finally finished the fifth book in The Billionaire's Witch series, and I'm most of the way through editing it, too. I've moved on to Legal Rites Book Four. Though I thought there would be five books in the Legal Rites series, now I've started writing it, I'm not so sure.

Hopefully, I'll be able to make significant leeway on Legal Rites Four this week. Then *takes deep breath* I'll finally be able to move on to something new! I've been wanting to sink my teeth into a new epic space opera for like half a frigging year.

Anyway, enough complaining from me! The Billionaire's Witch Book Four and Five will come out on the same day - Jan 25.

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