Forgotten Destiny Book Five is finally out!

I just finished publishing Forgotten Destiny Book Five to all my major retailers. As I said in my previous post, I have no idea how long it will take for it to actually hit the stores due to the Christmas/ New Year season.

When it is live, I'll repost here to let you all know.

In other news, I've mostly finished The Billionaire's Witch Book Four (I say mostly, because it needs a jolly good edit. I use Dragon NatruallySpeaking, and it's still in its first draft). I'm also about 40% of the way through the fifth book. Though I've got the pre-order date set for the 25th of January for The Billionaire's Witch Book Four, I'm going to release it as soon as it's done. I'll aim to release the fifth and final book at the same time or a couple of days later.

My plan for the early part of 2018 is to just finish things. I've got a lot of outstanding series, and it's not fair to make you guys wait. I also really enjoyed the process of writing the whole Forgotten Destiny series consecutively, and I'm *hoping* to try that a few more times in 2018. Or, who knows, maybe I'll just move to that model permanently, if it works out.

Anyhow, I'll stop waffling. I hope you all enjoy Forgotten Destiny Book Five!

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