And I'm an idiot...

So... I completely stuffed up Ghost of Mind Episode Seven. As a lovely reader just pointed out, I brought back Rama after he died!!! I also left a heck of a lot unresolved.

Oh man, I can only fall on my sword here. I totally screwed up. I ran out of time to re-read all six books, and only read the first one and glanced at the last one. Turns out that sure was stupid - because I missed out all the important plot I'd already set up.

I need to say a massive sorry to everyone who was waiting for this final episode. I've completely mashed it, and I recommend every one get a refund. I can't apologize enough for stuffing this up for everyone. But I can try to fix it.

I've taken the book down from retailers while I try to fix it. Once it's done, I'll re-publish it. If you've purchased it, all you'll need to do is re-download or update the book (depending on your reading app). I'll post here and on the homepage of my website when I'm finished. I should probably chuck in a free short-story prequel to make up for all of this mess. When it's written, I'll post it where I update my free fiction.

Sorry again to everyone. I royally screwed up :(

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