Forgotten Destiny Books One and Two

Forgotten Destiny Books One and Two are out! I've been a little derelict in my duty and haven't updated my website to reflect that for a few days, but here I am updating finally. As always, you can read the first book for free on my website here (/weekly-fiction-2017/forgotten-destiny). I'm actually working on the third one right now an ..
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Ghost of Mind 7 - new version and short story

As promised in the last post, I spent all night fixing the numerous mistakes in Ghost of Mind 7. And *hopefully* it reads better now. I've also written a short prologue story with Alice to make up for all the mess. You can access the short story here. (/weekly-fiction-2017/ghost-of-mind-short-story) If you've already bought Ghost of Mind 7, ..
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And I'm an idiot...

So... I completely stuffed up Ghost of Mind Episode Seven. As a lovely reader just pointed out, I brought back Rama after he died!!! I also left a heck of a lot unresolved. Oh man, I can only fall on my sword here. I totally screwed up. I ran out of time to re-read all six books, and only read the first one and glanced at the last one. Turn ..
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And it's out....

I finally published Ghost of Mind Episode Seven today. It'll take awhile for the retailers to actually list it, but I thought I'd give everyone a heads up that it's coming! I won't be updating a new chapter of Forgotten Destiny today, because I was busy with Ghost of Mind, but there'll be another one tomorrow. ..
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Whoa - I updated this three days in a row

I've updated this blog three days in a row - that's a record for consistency! Another record for consistency is updating another chapter for Forgotten Destiny. Hopefully, I'll be able to update a chapter for the next week or so. We'll see! As for Ghost of Mind, I'm sloooowly plodding through the editing. Hopefully it'll all be done  ..
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Forgotten Destiny

I'm plowing through my new urban fantasy - Forgotten Destiny (though that's just a working title for now, and it will probably change). I should finish the first book by Tuesday. I'm publishing a chapter every couple of days (click here (/weekly-fiction-2017/forgotten-destiny), or scroll down past the banner on my homepage). I don't know wh ..
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New Covers

I've been messing around with covers. Again. Whenever I don't want to write or I'm plain too tired, I watch comedy and stuff around in Photoshop. I've redone a bunch of titles, from some of my recent urban fantasy to the Galactic Coalition Academy Series. So if you see some new covers on old titles, you know where they've come from! ..
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Ghost of Mind Seven

I've been sick. Again. It's been about a week now, and suffice to say, my production schedule has slipped! But some good news for Ghost of Mind fans - I managed to get back into it today. I wrote all of 2000 words. But considering my voice isn't back to normal yet, that's an achievement! I can't promise how much I'll get done tomorrow, but I'm  ..
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