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Princess Zero



I've just started work on a new space opera that will be Betrothed meets Shattered Destiny - an epic sprawling space opera with a kick-ass heroine, in other words.

It will follow a Crown Princess who had to run from her kingdom and assume the life of a pirate runner. Her betrothed wants to use her to start a galactic war, so she must stay out of his clutches at all costs.

When she runs into one of her old guards, she's pulled back into the life she disavowed.

She can no longer afford to run. It is time to rise up and do what she should have done from the start - go to war.

Princess Zero will be released late August / early September.



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A Time of Kings Episode Three - August 29 2018

Broken Witch Episode Three - September 29 2018

Oblivion Gate Episode Three - October 24 2018

Finder's Gate Episode Three - November 7 2018

Star Destiny Episode Five - November 12 2018

A Time of Kings Episode Four - November 28 2018




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