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End of June - The Last Queen Books One and Two
15 July - Book Three Diamond and Chase (available for pre-order on iTunes)
7 August - Book Three of Better the Devil you Know (available for pre-order on iTunes)
15 August - Ava Episode Three
1 September - Vira Episode Three
29 September - Ghost of Mind Episode Seven
29 October - Anna's Hope Episodes Four and Five
29 November - Yin and Yang: The End Comes (available for pre-order on iTunes)

The Last Queen

Expected Release Date: End of June 2017.

Genre: urban fantasy.

"She's the most powerful piece in a game she can't understand, but he's willing to play for her."

The Last Queen is a punchy urban fantasy with plenty of action. It's written in present-tense first-person, so you're right there in the head of Kara Kan as she navigates a strange magical world of Kings and pawns, and her - the Last Queen.

I'll post the first chapter here when it's all polished.