Upcoming Releases

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For week-to-week details on writing updates, check out the homepage for progress bars on current titles.

The next scheduled release is Forgotten Destiny Book Five. It will be out before December 22 2017.

Current Pre-orders and scheduled releases

25 January - The Billionaire's Witch Book Four available for pre-order on iTunes)
20 February - Legal Rites Book Four available for pre-order on iTunes)
1 March 2018 - The Last Queen Book Five (available for pre-order on iTunes)

Upcoming scheduled releases:
Ancient Blood is a new paranormal adventure series that charts a young woman's return to an archaeological dig in rural France. As a child, she went missing in a castle for five days, and it's time to find out why. But in doing so, she'll cross paths with two mysterious men who seem to know everything about her. And one of them? Is a vampire. The other? A vampire hunter. She'll be trapped between their ancient war and their affections, and both will be just as dangerous.