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Billionaire's Witch

By mid-late august, I'll have the first two books in the Billionaire's Witch complete and up. It'll be similar in style and voice to The Last Queen. I've only written the first 500 words, so I don't have too many details yet. I haven't even decided the main character's name! But it'll follow a woman who finds out she's a witch. But worse than that - that her family have historic ties to one of the richest families in the county. She, and most importantly her new powers, have been inherited by the billionaire playboy, Richard Carmichael. To break free, she'll have to find out every secret Carmichael has.

Current Pre-orders and scheduled releases

7 August - Book Three of Better the Devil you Know (available for pre-order on iTunes)
15 August - Ava Episode Three
Mid-end of August - Billionaire's Witch
1 September - Vira Episode Three
29 September - Ghost of Mind Episode Seven
29 November - Yin and Yang: The End Comes (available for pre-order on iTunes)