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Magic Born

I'm working on a new urban fantasy series, Magic Born. It'll be a gritty series similar in vibe to The Last Queen. It'll have 5 episodes of roughly 50,000 words each. I'm planning to release all 5 episodes at once, so you don't have to wait to finish the series, and you can do it all in one go.

I had initially hoped to get these all out for the Christmas season, but a computer issue means I'm stalled on book 4. If everything gets fixed in a timely fashion, I should have them out early January!



Monique is a broken witch on the run. Three years ago, she escaped being sacrificed at Vendex Academy for Magic. She’s been running since. Until now. Chance draws her back into the magical world, and one man won't let her leave. Monique is thrust into a world of violent intrigue, of old money and power, and of poisoned destinies. She has one chance. One man. And one way out.





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A Princess Rising (#5, Rising Princess) - January 15 2018







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