The Captain's Witch

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The Captain's Witch

  • Genre: Epic Fantasy
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  • Release Date: August 27 2015

Isabel Mason is a natural witch. She thinks it’s unremarkable. What does it matter that true magic pumps through her veins? When she meets the arrogant but terribly handsome Captain Carmichael, everything changes. In the blink of an eye, the life she knows is burnt away. She’s thrown into a perilous journey across the country. With a man she barely knows, she must forge a path to Washington. Only there will her true abilities be revealed. In their path lies the horrors of the modern world - beastly animals gorged on magic, frightful apparitions that walk the night, and dead that stumble from their graves. There’s a war coming, and Isabel and Carmichael are all that stand in its way …. The Captain’s Witch is a four part alternate-history fantasy series, filled with action, intrigue, and romance.

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This series is complete.

About this series

There are four episodes in this series: The Captain's Witch Episode One, The Captain's Witch Episode Two, The Captain's Witch Episode Three, and The Captain's Witch Episode Four. You can also purchase all books together in The Captain's Witch: The Complete Series.


The first installment in this series, The Captain's Witch Episode One, is available for free from most ebook retailers who stock my work. You can read the first book by clicking the button below.

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