The Betwixt

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The Betwixt

  • Genre: Space Opera
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  • Release Date: January 30 2012

The final installment in the series, Book Two concludes The Betwixt. (Please note this book was previously published as a collection, it has only been split up into two books as of September 2012.) .... Mini is a diner waitress in a space bar. She has a flouncy skirt, a holopin, and a pretty little apron. She also, apparently, has a mysterious alien past; a past that comes knocking on her door in the form of a tiny red creature called Od. According to Od, Mini is all that stands between the galaxy and an invasion by terrible, soul-sucking creatures from the in-between dimensions. As Mini's galactic experience to-date revolves around serving drinks and picking up after customers, she finds that very unlikely. The only problem is that Od is right. So Mini reaches for the closest thing at hand – which just so happens to be a frying pan – and gives saving the galaxy a go. She isn't alone, however; she's caught the eye of a rather handsome Galactic Military Commander, and he isn't going to take his eyes off her until he knows exactly what's going on..

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This series is complete.

About this series

A two-part series consisting of The Betwixt Book One and The Betwixt Book Two. Please note, this series used to be a single volume under the title The Betwixt.


The Betwixt Book One is free on most e-book retailers who stock my work. You can read the first book by clicking the button below.

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