Modern Goddess

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Modern Goddess

  • Genre: Urban Fantasy
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  • Release Date: February 7 2012 - February 7 2013

Yes, she's a goddess. And, oh yes, he is most certainly a god. You can tell from the fact he marches around in glinting armor, picking fights with titans and picking up divine broads. But she didn't sign up for this. Sea monsters, kidnappings, evil plots, and the end of the world? Are you kidding? She spends most nights reading the weather report and icing cupcakes.  It's all his fault. ... Modern Goddess: Trapped by Thor is a two-part sprawling fantasy. intertwined with mythology, adventure, romance, and philosophy, it's sure to please fans of Odette C. Bell's Witch's Bell.

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This series is complete.

About this series

As of mid 2016, I'm releasing new editions of the books in this series. I'm also re-titling them as follows: Details, Details, Details becomes Modern Goddess: Trapped by Thor; Time's Atlas becomes Modern Goddess: Trapped by Atlas; and Truth, Lies, and Trickery becomes Modern Goddess: Trapped by Apollo.


The first book in this series, Trapped by Thor Book One, is available for free from most ebook retailers who stock my work.
Please note that Trapped by Thor is a single book on Amazon and you cannot get the first installment for free there.
You can read the first book by clicking the button below.

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