Finder's Gate

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Finder's Gate

  • Genre: Space Opera
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  • Release Date: August 7 2018

He hunts treasure, and she’s his greatest find. Zel is a Level VIII Finder who travels the multiverse searching for objects of worth for his masters. When he travels to Earth to acquire an ancient treasure, he runs into Helen. She has a treacherous secret that could unravel the very fabric of reality and tear the multiverse apart. But she's still a find. And Finders never let their prizes go. … Finder’s Gate is an action-packed space opera that takes you on a thrilling journey through the multiverse. It is sure to please fans of Odette C. Bell’s Star Destiny.

Upcoming Releases

Finder's Gate Episode Three is available for pre-order to be released on November 7 2018.

About this series

There are currently two episodes in this series. It will have between 4-6 episodes.


Finder's Gate Episode One is available for free from most ebook retailers. You can read the first book by clicking the button below.

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